Grow Your Real Estate Business With The Right CRM Software

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is critical if you want to build repeat business. You need a software that flexes, particularly if your CRM Real Estate connections are in growth or down-sizing mode.

It's All About Relationships
Housing needs change over our lifetimes, and the right data management system can give you a heads-up when your clients are headed for a major life change. In addition to sending your clients updates about changes at your firm, you can track where they are on life's journey.

Do you have history with a young couple that bought their first home five years ago? Now would be a great time to check in with them to see if their family has grown or if their needs have changed. If your emails aren't going through, perhaps they've changed jobs. Automated marketing can give you a lot of data about former clients, and you can use this information to make a new connection.

Perhaps a former client purchased a large home for their family from your firm several years back. Is that client now dealing with an empty nest? A quick email targeting them with a promotion about a great development with wonderful community and no yard work may hit the spot!

Real-Time Data
The right CRM data system can actually give you information on the physical location of your clients via Geolocation technology based on GPS applications. With contact options including email and text, your customer can get information directly linked to properties in their desired neighborhoods, price ranges or physical needs based on the information they've given you in the past.

While many of the largest CRM systems are designed to aide very large organizations, cloud-based customer relationship management software applications can work well for a small office of realtors. Purchasing access to SaaS (software as a service) or on-demand CRM
1) frees up the servers at your office
2) does not need to be updated by your office staff
3) is protected and secured by the owner of the SaaS, not the purchaser, and
4) is easily deployed even if your IT team is not in the office
5) is upgraded when the product is improved, so you don't need to look for better software every three years

Your business is real estate, not database design, management and protection. Purchasing SaaS customer relationship management software offers you the chance to have worry-free data and connections with your clients from the past and for the future. Automate your contacts, re-establish connections and grow your business! Visit IXACT CRM Contact Solutions Inc. if you would like to learn more.